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What it is :
A booklet with 15 illustrations of which some of them can be seen in the gallery of this site, others only in the book. Now available in Spanish! It has been translated by Andrea Anguera, thank you very much! German translation by yours truly.
The book explains to young children how breastfeeding works, including extended breastfeeding, pumping, milk donation, tandem nursing and other topics connected with breastfeeding.
You can also create your own text to go along with the illustrations to make up your own story.

The book is downloaded as a pdf, with a thin outline around each page to indicate where to crop. Two versions are available, one heavy file for printing, a lighter file if you just wish to view it
on the screen.

I have been asked quite some times why oh why this story includes bottles and pumping. The answer is simple. Based on the US standard, there is no long maternity leave. Me and most other working moms have to be back between 6 weeks and, if you're lucky, 3-4 months after the baby is born.
The pump is a working/breastfeeding mother's friend. It's crucial in order to continue giving baby the best nutrition asides from nursing directly. It has been part of both my nursing experiences and it helped me greatly. However, I don't mean to say that it's a natural part of breastfeeding - which it is not. But it's a part of it for many, such as tandem nursing is for others. My intention was to show as many aspects of breastfeeding as possible. Enjoy :)

Download from here:

American English:
What Babies Eat (small file for screen) ~500 kb

What Babies Eat (large file for print) ~15 mb

British English:
What Babies Eat (small file for screen) ~500 kb

What Babies Eat (large file for print) ~15 mb

El Alimento del Bebe (small file for screen) ~500 kb

El Alimento del Bebe (large file for print) ~15 mb

Was essen Babies? (small file for screen) ~500 kb

Was essen Babies? (large file for print) ~15 mb


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